Monday, May 31, 2010

Patent for PortaPocket soon to issue!

So excited to report one of our patents is about to issue from the upsto and we're thrilled to pieces (as was my little one to ride on the boat...)! It's been a long road, but finally reaching this destination (or shall I say least this way-station...) is very gratifying :)
Puts us in a very pleasant mode for observing this Memorial Day...
we SO respect and appreciate those who put their all into protecting & defending our freedom...
with GRATITUDE for ALL our MILITARY FORCES on this May 31...

Monday, May 17, 2010

a little Lara Croft-ish?

so pleased as punch we were in Gadling again...this time, posted Wed May 13 by the illustrious Ms. Annie Scott ...with all her hidden loot!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

just certified as WBE (Women's Business Enterprise)!

Great news! We're pleased to announce that Undercover Solutions, LLC (otherwise known as the place where you can find all PortaPocket products) has just received the designation of WBE, which stands for Women's Business Enterprise. This gives as credentials as a woman-owned business to now have further opportunities. Some companies have business models which require sourcing their assortments of merchandise by giving companies like ours a chance. So that could lead to new avenues in helping us get PortaPocket products distributed through more channels in the near to mid-term future ( least in theory ;-))!

Which companies do you know that have a social consciousness who would be willing to work with small women-owned enterprises that have a heart & soul?