Thursday, July 19, 2012

so excited to be 5! ...and some words of thanks

Sometimes we get so busy, we forget to acknowledge those who have helped us get through the day to day  "To Do" list and who inspire us to reach for those stars...  Celebrating our 5th year in business is a milestone, but also gives us a chance to reflect. It's such a privilege to be here. To serve you. To make your day easier. And to be by your side.

With that, I'd like to have the honor of sending shout outs to these unique individuals, who although I've not had the privilege to meet personally (yet!)...they've made my day, pushed my boundaries, and made me think in new directions to help me make this thing called "entrepreneurship" even better. Kudos to:

and... speaking of humor...
All of you have been a part of our journey here, whether you know it or not.  I am grateful for the ways that you have shared, have taught, and have offered your help to those of us still trying to figure it all out (yet never giving up)... 

Thank you for being you.