Thursday, December 9, 2010

Holiday CHEERS!

Happy December --
have to say been a tad bit overloaded and remiss on writing...miss me?
But we still try...none-the-less... ;-)

The important thing is I'm baaack....and in the spirit of the season, I wanted to offer a few congratulations to some peeps I've met on social media channels...and their recent achievements/noteworthy news:

@CarryHer was interviewed by Donna Reyer (channel 18 news, NY) re: her awesome invention

@tamsenfadal from WPIX in NY and hubby @MattTitus were featured on TODAY segment with Kathie Lee & Hoda discussing relationships + their book Why Hasn't He Called?

@KimMance has heard word that @TripAdvisor & @DiamondPR are on board again as sponsors for #TBEX '11 -- woo hoo!

...and last but most certainly not least...a shoutout to my awesome twitbud, the inimitable Kay...
@KayBallard has penned her New and Improved Guru Guarantee!

what amazing news have YOU got to share? Do tell! :))

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

We made it into the top 200 Leading Moms in Business!

Wow -- where has the time gone? Hello, October!
For all of those who were so kind to support & vote for us throughout the months during StartupNation's leading moms in Business competition 2010 -- a HUGE THANK YOU!! With your gracious help we were named a winner at #40... we couldn't have done it without you!
We'd also like to express our Congratulations to fellow tweethearts who also scored wins in the competition...

kudos to all of you, and the other amazing winner moms, too!

As for us, it's now it's time to concentrate on all the Happy Halloweeners who could use our help carrying their cash (etc) under their costumes...
what are you wearing this holiday? Do you think PortaPocket would work with your outfit? We'd love to know!!
until next time....
go out there & brighten someone's day!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

How 'bout a little BLING?

So I've heard from a few people over the years about how they like the concept of PortaPocket but think it may not be fancy enough. I had a little bit of trouble understanding why the fashion of this really mattered seeing it's mostly under the clothes, but okay...I guess it's really true that perception IS reality so why fight it?
Get ready for the BLING!!

We're working on some do-it-yourself sparkly kits that will be an option for people to "fancy up" their PortaPocket as they wish. That way us plain but practical girls can keep ours naked like we like, and the fashionistas can add the razzle dazzle decor.

What colors and patterns would YOU like to see for PortaPocket Bling?
We'd love to hear your ideas!

Friday, July 2, 2010

All Aboard the Good Deeds Express!

With so many things being not right with the world right now, we have to rely on ourselves to spread a little sunshine on an otherwise bleak day.
Spreading a little love around even in unexpected ways can really lighten our load and make us feel good!
A few months ago, there was a newspaper story of a pizza delivery man who got beaten and robbed while on the job in Evanston. Lots of good hearted people donated money and gifts to him, and it was an outpouring of positivity. When I was in the neighborhood, I donated a dozen portapocket carrying cases to the pizza parlor with the hope that they may help their delivery folks hide their valuables and avoid the same fate. No bands were playing. No parades kicked off. I didn't get a written thank you. But it didn't matter.

It just felt right.
And I'd do it again.

Let's be the architects of uplifting spirits.
Let's sing the praises of the unknown soldiers.
Let's bring joy to each other in these small gestures.

What good deed did you do today?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

a few tweets from twitter

Going to run a little experiment....
let's see what kinds of things are being tweeted on a daily basis about people having issues with various things...

@ShellynessDee: Bike ride. No pockets, no phone
@urkillingme Boob dialing. It sometimes happens when u have no pockets
@TJVines: last night was crazy. i cant find my keys to go home since i was skinny dippin. no pockets.
@SJ_Price2b FML I lost my purse in dayton now I have no money, no I'd, no social no nothing ...

Hmmmm...seems like there's a solution to all of these situations... don't you think?...
What have you lost lately?

Monday, May 31, 2010

Patent for PortaPocket soon to issue!

So excited to report one of our patents is about to issue from the upsto and we're thrilled to pieces (as was my little one to ride on the boat...)! It's been a long road, but finally reaching this destination (or shall I say least this way-station...) is very gratifying :)
Puts us in a very pleasant mode for observing this Memorial Day...
we SO respect and appreciate those who put their all into protecting & defending our freedom...
with GRATITUDE for ALL our MILITARY FORCES on this May 31...

Monday, May 17, 2010

a little Lara Croft-ish?

so pleased as punch we were in Gadling again...this time, posted Wed May 13 by the illustrious Ms. Annie Scott ...with all her hidden loot!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

just certified as WBE (Women's Business Enterprise)!

Great news! We're pleased to announce that Undercover Solutions, LLC (otherwise known as the place where you can find all PortaPocket products) has just received the designation of WBE, which stands for Women's Business Enterprise. This gives as credentials as a woman-owned business to now have further opportunities. Some companies have business models which require sourcing their assortments of merchandise by giving companies like ours a chance. So that could lead to new avenues in helping us get PortaPocket products distributed through more channels in the near to mid-term future ( least in theory ;-))!

Which companies do you know that have a social consciousness who would be willing to work with small women-owned enterprises that have a heart & soul?

Monday, April 19, 2010

what a great time to see Asia!

Given the enormous snarl created by that lovely little volcano in Iceland these days, what better opportunity to take a tour of the neat cultures of Asia, instead! Online travel provider giant tours4fun has just launched to complement its original resource ( with a comprehensive and user-friendly site that enhances the travelers experience with booking tour packages to China & Japan.

"We have designed our tours with a strong intention of letting our travelers experience the true spirit of Asia, and the essence of the culture followed in two major countries belonging to the continent of Asia," says Charles Huang, Marketing Manager for AsiaImpressions.

You'll find that the website features unique tours and cruises that promise one-in-a-lifetime experiences to explore the charming diversity of these beautiful countries, with custom tours and special Member programs also available. Take a tour today, and book your fantastic voyage! ...just remember to take PortaPocket along for the ride with ya! ;-)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Look who else is talking about her period (hint K.K. tho not Kim Kardashian!)

So...hubby sends me this link this am:

how awesome, huh? someone else talking about periods, menstruation, and tampons, etc and not being embarrassed! Of course Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney Kardashian et al are a little "higher platform" than yours truly, but what the's all good. :)

For those of you who don't yet know...I had a little tampon accident myself, which actually became the impetus to design PortaPocket in the first place ( So there you have it! Such fun to be empowering women everywhere...and making sure we don't have to stuff our little things in our socks, shoes, sleeves or bras just to get by. Hallelujah!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April showers...

sitting here looking at the gray skies and hoping things will blow over before my little one wants to set up her Princess tent back in the yard again... oh to be 5 again and carefree!
When we're young we seem to want to grow up SO fast, and looking back, it can be such a special and wonderful time in our lives...NO responsibilities! (or, any that are of super consequence anyway..) NO bills to pay! (yea!) NO people to worry about who don't return phone calls, blow you off and make you question your worth (wow!)
Perhaps she'll have fun tomorrow while I'll see how many balls I can juggle in the air without having them all hit me in the head...

what kinds of things are you dealing with today?
care to vent?
...ah, life... ;-)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring break, anyone?

ahhh spring... mid March already and alot of young adults will be heading off to Cancun or Florida or somewhere else warm... flexing their muscles for independence and freedom! Let's just hope they're all going to act responsibly and with prudence. Can't say those are the first qualities that come to mind when speaking about 18 to 22 year olds, but we can dream a little, right?

Fortunately my daughter has quite a few more years to go before I go gray with worry...
but when it IS her turn, you can be sure she'll have her valuables safely & discreetly out of sight yet ON herself... Strap on your PortaPocket sweetheart, and you're always good to go! ;-)

...and for those who are on the cusp of having some fun in the sun, go ahead and pick your own pocket, here:

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Partners 4 Adventure!

Thrilled to report we have joined forces with a super cool on-line vacation tour resource where you can find incredible prices on a world of choices...literally! Where do you want to go...? Kevin, Tia and the folks over at Tours4fun will open the door to opportunity and the sky's the limit! Scroll around on to check out their offerings for Europe, Asia, the Americas, Australia and more...a huge amount of packages available for all kinds of different needs...whether you're an adventurer who thrives on constant motion, or prefer lazy afternoons strolling through parks & gardens, you can find a tour that'll suit your taste.
Right now there's an amazingly inexpensive way to take a bite out of the Big Apple...
take a taste of an ALL DAY New York tour for just $10! details/info here:

And, of course you know just the thing to take on your travels....
with Javelin Strategy & Research reporting that ID thefts have increased 12% in the last year, don't risk theft or loss by keeping your valuables in a separate purse or bag...

Don't let theft happen to you...PortaPocket to the rescue!! ;-)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

WIN a FREE PortaPocket at our PortaPocket / Oscar CHALLENGE!

Win a FREE PortaPocket kit! -- it's our 1st annual PortaPocket/Oscar CHALLENGE! On Oscars night (Sunday, March 7th), simply tweet (@PortaPocketGal) or Facebook (on PortaPocket page; & FAN us, too) the MOST comments on which starlets could be wearing a PortaPocket strap-on carrying case under their gown, & where it might be worn, along with any of these hashtags: #Oscars #redcarpet #Kodakredcarpet #AcademyAwards

eg: @PortaPocketGal Sandra Bullock, portapocket on her calf! #Oscars #redcarpet (worth 1 entry)
@PortaPocketGal Nicole Kidman, portapocket on her thigh! #AcademyAwards (worth 1 entry)

*BONUS entry for each time you also mention what might be inside the portapocket, as well
eg: @PortaPocketGal Jennifer Aniston, portapocket with her ID & $ on her ankle #Oscars (worth 2 entries)

....and we'll tweet & FB the winners on Monday!!

One winner for each twitter and Facebook...

Winner will receive a FREE PortaPocket kit in their choice of color (black or beige)...

Let's have fun with this together...but keep it clean! ;-)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

happy Mardi Gras!

So if I was in NOLA it would be a little more exciting, for sure, but hope you all are having a terrific Fat Tuesday wherever you are :-)

Definitely an eventful week...the V in my Valentine's day unfortunately stood for VIRUS, so I was stuck in the quarantine lab getting my computer cleaned out & getting put back together. Would be so much nicer to think that humanoids on this planet spent their time in putting their minds to positive & productive tasks rather than creating insidious little parasites meant to wreak havoc on others. ahhh, the grand tapestry of life....good, bad and ugly...inclusive to all ...(but let's please go light on those latter too, okay?)...

On a brighter note, love to say we've been "Diva-Approved" as a really cool Bachelorette party gift item, so come check it out at

AND also in celebration mode, we've finally installed our product line up on AMAZON!
So if you want to jump on our PortaPocket bandwagon while shopping for a host of other cool things, perhaps that's the way to go:

OK! on that note...I'm gonna go watch some more Olympics... ;-) GO USA!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

happy 2010!

ok...I admit I've been a bad girl and not writing much lately...had the holiday craziness followed by a trade show and just getting my head out of the pile of paperwork and orders! ... :)
Chicago Market was well received and folks really liked our new flirty girl packaging design so I am grateful for all the positive reinforcement ...:))
In the last couple months we've had some more terrific write-up and mentions, so here goes...! :

We were included in the Top Ten Must Have Travel Products from, January 2010:

Featured in Smart Women Travelers newsletter, January 12, 2010:

recommended by Women's Adventures Vacations and Experiences, WAVE Journey, December 2009:

...and have another TV spot about fitness products for new moms scheduled to air on an NBC affiliate in the Philadelphia market on Feb 19...or at least, it's scheduled, but of course TV is TV! ;-)