Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Putting more FUNction back into fashion... meet your purse's new best friend

Don't you ever want to get your hands on that chic new bag because it just perfectly completes your outfit?  I think we've all been there before...
and while it's true that I sometimes hear gals say that they may not need PortaPocket "because I'm a purse girl"...don't you seriously HATE having to micromanage that bag all night?
that's why purses and PortaPocket / *bling* should simply be friends ;)

Now we can have oooh so courante by carrying that fashionable bag for your incidentals, but be savvy smart by keeping your vital things CLOSER. That means kicking up your heels, hands-free, without wondering where your bag went or stewing over what is happening to it at any given moment. Hallelujah!

Now you can be worry-free and care-free...  and bring FUNction back into your fashion... 
And never have to babysit that bag again.  

check out more of our sparkly styles here...and coming soon! new *bling!* designs by celebrity event designer/brand ambassador Samantha Goldberg of the STYLE network, she's always sharing juicy tidbits for fashionista gals on those frugalistic budgets: ;
learn more about the fabulous "Sassi Sammi" Samantha at:

Thursday, July 19, 2012

so excited to be 5! ...and some words of thanks

Sometimes we get so busy, we forget to acknowledge those who have helped us get through the day to day  "To Do" list and who inspire us to reach for those stars...  Celebrating our 5th year in business is a milestone, but also gives us a chance to reflect. It's such a privilege to be here. To serve you. To make your day easier. And to be by your side.

With that, I'd like to have the honor of sending shout outs to these unique individuals, who although I've not had the privilege to meet personally (yet!)...they've made my day, pushed my boundaries, and made me think in new directions to help me make this thing called "entrepreneurship" even better. Kudos to:

and... speaking of humor...
All of you have been a part of our journey here, whether you know it or not.  I am grateful for the ways that you have shared, have taught, and have offered your help to those of us still trying to figure it all out (yet never giving up)... 

Thank you for being you. 


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Walking down the street with a leg in my hand

Sometimes inspiration comes in strange places. When I finished my audition in Chicago for Shark Tank on May 11, I left the hotel to walk 2 blocks to the garage. Which took me one hour. Why? Because I kept getting stopped by people on the street. It's not everyday you see someone walking around with an extra leg ... it really IS a conversation piece!

Driving home I had a realization. This was something I should tap into! After all... the leg is otherwise just sitting in my basement, waiting for the next Show. So that's it. I decided. I'm just going to carry the leg around. Just because. 

And if I'm just going to carry the leg around, I might as well take some pictures of it. Doing wacky things. Like going to the dentist. And taking a shower. Or whatever. So I created a new storyline on my facebook page that's all about the leg. And how it starts out as an ankle. And then grows up. But of course!:


New adventures posted daily. Make sure to check it out. It can be your LOL of the day!

So what do YOU think the leg should do next?
Leave a comment and let me know  ;)

Monday, May 7, 2012

time to swim with the Sharks?

if you are like me and LOVE abc's entertaining new show about entrepreneurship...let's just jump in the tank!
The casting folks are on their way to Chi-town so can't miss the chance to get up front and personal with them and see if I can get under their clothes (in a manner of speaking..;)
Not sure how it'll all go, but nothing ventured nothing gained, right?
Let's hope they get all excited and just want to take a bite out of THIS! 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Our Gift to Wedding & Event Planners (those hard-working, tireless miracle workers)... Let's Share the Joy!

We want to show our love for all the wedding & event planners who work so hard in creating those magical moments. With that in mind, we've created a special 'SHARE THE JOY!' Spring Event!*
It's a win win for all ...let us share how:

♥ Simply let your clients know about PortaPocket and our stylish new *bling!* ... the practical problem-solvers that will make their celebration day even more care-free at

We'll gift your clients a FREE pink pocket* with any product purchase over $19.95 when they put the name of your events business in Comments field on check out

♥ AND should they choose to treat their entire wedding party, we're also offering a Buy 3 get 1 FREE Special on any kit in 2012! They'd just write the name of their FREE choice (any kit of equal or lesser value) in the Comments field along with your business name, too.

♥ We'll gift YOU a 5% commission, monthly, on your clients' purchases as a thank you for helping us spread the word about our patented accessories that make life easier.

♥ Ready set go! ...let's share the LOVE!!

By the way...we're happy to create you a customized flier that you can send to your clients with details they'd need to know...just drop a note to and we'll be in touch soon!

*pink pocket gift available while quantities last; Spring offer on Buy 3 get 1 free and gift commissions effective through the 2012 event season.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Chat with us on the Red Carpet -- Oscars are inspiring our FREE *bling!* give-away!

Join us this Sunday for a fun evening of the stars -- get your creativity flowing and just jump on in! We're giving a FREE PortaPocket *bling!* essentials kit to a lucky sweetheart (chosen at random) from all of those who tweet us, pin us, facebook comment, or comment on this post (below) during the Oscars telecast (during Red Carpet pre-shows will also count, too). Extra entry for LIKING us on facebook or following us on twitter (@PortaPocketGal)
One entry for each connection (tweet, comment, like, follow, post, or PIN on Pinterest)

All you need to include is #portapocket AND #Oscars in your remark, and say something about WHO it might work for or HOW portapocket/bling can help the stars out on the Big Night.

for example: "WOW! Angelina Jolie could REALLY use #PortaPocket bling on her thigh to keep her ID handy under that smoking hot #Oscars gown"
"Those #Oscars starlets always worry about where to put their phones. I bet #portapocket could help!"
"looks like Sarah Jessica Parker is having a #PortaPocket emergency! just dropped her tampon on the red carpet. #Oscars"

So why not enjoy the conversation and possibly win a cool new fashion savvy accessory that you will simply LOVE? Have fun with it and let's get this PARTY STARTED!!! All we want to do is help gals lose their worries...not their stuff.

Winner will be posted/tweeted/facebooked on the Monday right after the awards.
C'mon girlfriends...let's get our BLING on!!