Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Putting more FUNction back into fashion... meet your purse's new best friend

Don't you ever want to get your hands on that chic new bag because it just perfectly completes your outfit?  I think we've all been there before...
and while it's true that I sometimes hear gals say that they may not need PortaPocket "because I'm a purse girl"...don't you seriously HATE having to micromanage that bag all night?
that's why purses and PortaPocket / *bling* should simply be friends ;)

Now we can have oooh so courante by carrying that fashionable bag for your incidentals, but be savvy smart by keeping your vital things CLOSER. That means kicking up your heels, hands-free, without wondering where your bag went or stewing over what is happening to it at any given moment. Hallelujah!

Now you can be worry-free and care-free...  and bring FUNction back into your fashion... 
And never have to babysit that bag again.  

check out more of our sparkly styles here...and coming soon! new *bling!* designs by celebrity event designer/brand ambassador Samantha Goldberg of the STYLE network, she's always sharing juicy tidbits for fashionista gals on those frugalistic budgets: ;
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