Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring break, anyone?

ahhh spring... mid March already and alot of young adults will be heading off to Cancun or Florida or somewhere else warm... flexing their muscles for independence and freedom! Let's just hope they're all going to act responsibly and with prudence. Can't say those are the first qualities that come to mind when speaking about 18 to 22 year olds, but we can dream a little, right?

Fortunately my daughter has quite a few more years to go before I go gray with worry...
but when it IS her turn, you can be sure she'll have her valuables safely & discreetly out of sight yet ON herself... Strap on your PortaPocket sweetheart, and you're always good to go! ;-)

...and for those who are on the cusp of having some fun in the sun, go ahead and pick your own pocket, here:

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Partners 4 Adventure!

Thrilled to report we have joined forces with a super cool on-line vacation tour resource where you can find incredible prices on a world of choices...literally! Where do you want to go...? Kevin, Tia and the folks over at Tours4fun will open the door to opportunity and the sky's the limit! Scroll around on to check out their offerings for Europe, Asia, the Americas, Australia and more...a huge amount of packages available for all kinds of different needs...whether you're an adventurer who thrives on constant motion, or prefer lazy afternoons strolling through parks & gardens, you can find a tour that'll suit your taste.
Right now there's an amazingly inexpensive way to take a bite out of the Big Apple...
take a taste of an ALL DAY New York tour for just $10! details/info here:

And, of course you know just the thing to take on your travels....
with Javelin Strategy & Research reporting that ID thefts have increased 12% in the last year, don't risk theft or loss by keeping your valuables in a separate purse or bag...

Don't let theft happen to you...PortaPocket to the rescue!! ;-)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

WIN a FREE PortaPocket at our PortaPocket / Oscar CHALLENGE!

Win a FREE PortaPocket kit! -- it's our 1st annual PortaPocket/Oscar CHALLENGE! On Oscars night (Sunday, March 7th), simply tweet (@PortaPocketGal) or Facebook (on PortaPocket page; & FAN us, too) the MOST comments on which starlets could be wearing a PortaPocket strap-on carrying case under their gown, & where it might be worn, along with any of these hashtags: #Oscars #redcarpet #Kodakredcarpet #AcademyAwards

eg: @PortaPocketGal Sandra Bullock, portapocket on her calf! #Oscars #redcarpet (worth 1 entry)
@PortaPocketGal Nicole Kidman, portapocket on her thigh! #AcademyAwards (worth 1 entry)

*BONUS entry for each time you also mention what might be inside the portapocket, as well
eg: @PortaPocketGal Jennifer Aniston, portapocket with her ID & $ on her ankle #Oscars (worth 2 entries)

....and we'll tweet & FB the winners on Monday!!

One winner for each twitter and Facebook...

Winner will receive a FREE PortaPocket kit in their choice of color (black or beige)...

Let's have fun with this together...but keep it clean! ;-)