Saturday, March 6, 2010

WIN a FREE PortaPocket at our PortaPocket / Oscar CHALLENGE!

Win a FREE PortaPocket kit! -- it's our 1st annual PortaPocket/Oscar CHALLENGE! On Oscars night (Sunday, March 7th), simply tweet (@PortaPocketGal) or Facebook (on PortaPocket page; & FAN us, too) the MOST comments on which starlets could be wearing a PortaPocket strap-on carrying case under their gown, & where it might be worn, along with any of these hashtags: #Oscars #redcarpet #Kodakredcarpet #AcademyAwards

eg: @PortaPocketGal Sandra Bullock, portapocket on her calf! #Oscars #redcarpet (worth 1 entry)
@PortaPocketGal Nicole Kidman, portapocket on her thigh! #AcademyAwards (worth 1 entry)

*BONUS entry for each time you also mention what might be inside the portapocket, as well
eg: @PortaPocketGal Jennifer Aniston, portapocket with her ID & $ on her ankle #Oscars (worth 2 entries)

....and we'll tweet & FB the winners on Monday!!

One winner for each twitter and Facebook...

Winner will receive a FREE PortaPocket kit in their choice of color (black or beige)...

Let's have fun with this together...but keep it clean! ;-)

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  1. oh, please comment on only one star at a time per tweet/FB entry. Thanks!