Tuesday, February 16, 2010

happy Mardi Gras!

So if I was in NOLA it would be a little more exciting, for sure, but hope you all are having a terrific Fat Tuesday wherever you are :-)

Definitely an eventful week...the V in my Valentine's day unfortunately stood for VIRUS, so I was stuck in the quarantine lab getting my computer cleaned out & getting put back together. Would be so much nicer to think that humanoids on this planet spent their time in putting their minds to positive & productive tasks rather than creating insidious little parasites meant to wreak havoc on others. ahhh, the grand tapestry of life....good, bad and ugly...inclusive to all ...(but let's please go light on those latter too, okay?)...

On a brighter note, love to say we've been "Diva-Approved" as a really cool Bachelorette party gift item, so come check it out at http://www.theshowerdiva.com/divaapproved/giftideas-bachelorette.html

AND also in celebration mode, we've finally installed our product line up on AMAZON!
So if you want to jump on our PortaPocket bandwagon while shopping for a host of other cool things, perhaps that's the way to go:

OK! on that note...I'm gonna go watch some more Olympics... ;-) GO USA!!

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