Saturday, February 12, 2011

O the VIEW! now standing on my head... in traffic. whoopi!!

So there I am watching Oprah re-run last night at 11pm CST.
And there are the ladies from the VIEW as guests.
And there's Oprah saying to them --
something to the effect of.... "I can tell alot about someone from what she keeps in her purse... "
and there's Barbara, Joy, Sherri, & Elisabeth showing what's in theirs.
and then there's Whoopi.
And well,
Whoopi doesn't carry a purse.
so Oprah says to Whoopi, "so where do you put your stuff if you don't have a purse?"
like, He-LLO????
I'm sitting here screaming at the huge chasm the size I could've driven a Mack truck through.
talk about the PERFECT time to mention PortaPocket.
...but no.
I've sent samples to the VIEW, wrote on their website, mailed 'em to Oprah, walked them into harpo myself, sent 'em to Gayle, Whoopi, Sherri, Barbara, Elisabeth, tweeted, facebooked, commented, and yet...
here I still sit.
an unknown soldier.
Maybe I'll just go play in traffic.
that'll get someone's attention.
maybe not?