Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year...New Leg. Serving Up Some Wacky Wishes for 2013...

I have a bone to pick.  Call it a femur, or even a fibula. No matter... just feeling a little passed over here and thought I must share. Just when I thought I'd finally be getting that leg up on things...it's a trip to the compost pile once more. *gah!* ...
As those Shark Tank fans in the crowd probably noticed, there was a pseudo-PortaPocket-ish product featured on the Dec 4 holiday special, which replayed Dec 14, 2012. As a result, it wasn't too surprising that I got a whole bunch of calls after the shows with supporters saying wtf, and some even confused that Partie Poche (just who can spell that exactly...?) was actually somehow my patented PortaPocket.
For those who've kept up here, you may know I have tried out for Shark Tank 2x and had a producer quite interested. Yet, at the end of the day, I apparently got passed over for a one-dimensional "version" that has limited utility and no patent protection, but DID have a movie star glam gal who channels Gwyneth Paltrow. Ah, the trials and tribulations of being on the far side of 40 and raven haired instead. Can't turn back that clock and never felt like a blonde, so I'll just try the next best thing...
I'll wear a giant leg on my back.

So now I've got a video in the works...showcasing wacky reactions of people on the street when they see me and my appendage sauntering down the sidewalk. Will have to admit to occasional glee as when one experiences those rock star moments ... got pushed to the head of the several blocks-long line for a music mogul in town, since he ...so I hear...has a foot fetish. ;) Not even sure who it was, but man, twas a little interesting to be sure!  Plus one gets to be the point of so much attention for photo requests...and then there was that guy who fell up the down escalator trying to take my picture at ORD.  SO many situations...so little time. Such fun with the necks spinning around a la the exorcist when people spy my form and do those inevitable double-takes.
NEVER a dull moment to be sure.
Just wait 'til I get another one sticking out of the roof of my car...


  1. p.s. don't tell me to go put a lampshade on it. ;)

  2. I am ready for your guest post anytime! ;-)