Saturday, March 30, 2013

for pete's sake, be safe on spring break!

(hmm....who's Pete anyway?  oh well...;) 

Ah spring...!  you turn around and the season's upon us. ...after a long winter of gray skies and snowy days we're ready to release our pent up frustrations and blast off on a long-awaited spring soujourn. Maybe you're road tripping or you're sending your student on their first solo trip (well...ok..."solo" with all their friends ;).. or maybe it's simply a rendezvous into the city with Sue...

Wherever you go, it bears repeating... preparation can save you from potential pitfalls. So why take unnecessary risks? There may not be any live T-rex left in the world, but there are plenty of 'predators' just ready and willing to help themselves to your things. If you let them. Of course all you savvy travellers know just the right things to do to minimize the possibilities of problems with your valuables. You:
  • never keep your wallet in a purse or bag, or even in a back pocket
  • avoid flash by keeping expensive jewelry and accessories at home 
  • only carry the minimum amount of cash and cards that you need
  • keep copies of important documents in a separate place in case of emergency
But no matter what you do... the unthinkable happens. Here's a nifty article on what should (and shouldn't) be in your wallet (or PortaPocket! ;). It may be useful info that can be a help:

Where are you going this spring? Let us know in the comments below!

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