Friday, July 26, 2013

Touchdown!'s your NFL purse ban game-changer...

Did you see the slew of comments from disgruntled females slamming the NFL for imposing the soon-to-be implemented ban on almost all purses and packs in the stadiums?  here's one example:

I can understand why there were countless remarks showing disgust about having to display one's tampons in an NFL-approved clear bag, BUT the good news is ...there are ways to deal with this problem and avoid the pain.

Us gals don't have to like the rules, but we do have to live with them. And now we can ...without sacrificing our pride...OR our privacy.
Smart gals talk to me...
stop on by...and help YOURSELF.


  1. please note this is for way more than just feminine hygiene, sweethearts. ;) Perfect for your ID, cash, cards, keys, cell phone, camera, medical devices, more. Check the website for answers... and use code NFL for 13% savings on any order on for the 2013 football season!

  2. Brilliant idea! I've always loved my PortaPocket and this is just one more reason to do so!

  3. Great concept! First I must commend you on coming up with a solution for women and the items we don't wish to share with thousands of people!

    Sadly, we cannot control womanly issues and we feel emotionally attached to our "baggage"...Now we are told, we have to leave the baggage behind!

    All jokes aside, the NFL will absolutely approve of a product like this. I have worked events for several NFL players and teams- This is definitely a "Touchdown" for most of the wives I have shown this post too!

    We love the "Bling" which allows us to have more control of those a bit more private" things with flair!

    Again, awesome idea! I've just placed an order for 20- of the small and midsized pockets, and a bonus to know the medium size has belt-loops!


    Samantha Goldberg

  4. You were just ahead of your time girl! Kendra your PortaPocket™ should be endorsed by the #NFL! In my opinion it would be a #PR fail for the #NFL not to consider the idea of a fans favorite team logo on it for luck! Kendra I support you as well as #PortaPocket and so should the #NFL

  5. Another quick note...this isn't meant to fit everything you need, BUT designed to keep the more VITAL items closer! I often wear PortaPocket cases, AND have a separate bag for all the misc/incidentals that don't matter if they get lose/stolen. Why not be smart...not sorry. Better to be PROactive than REactive, isn't it? Why wait for a bad experience before you decide this was a good idea...? ;)