Monday, April 19, 2010

what a great time to see Asia!

Given the enormous snarl created by that lovely little volcano in Iceland these days, what better opportunity to take a tour of the neat cultures of Asia, instead! Online travel provider giant tours4fun has just launched to complement its original resource ( with a comprehensive and user-friendly site that enhances the travelers experience with booking tour packages to China & Japan.

"We have designed our tours with a strong intention of letting our travelers experience the true spirit of Asia, and the essence of the culture followed in two major countries belonging to the continent of Asia," says Charles Huang, Marketing Manager for AsiaImpressions.

You'll find that the website features unique tours and cruises that promise one-in-a-lifetime experiences to explore the charming diversity of these beautiful countries, with custom tours and special Member programs also available. Take a tour today, and book your fantastic voyage! ...just remember to take PortaPocket along for the ride with ya! ;-)

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