Saturday, July 24, 2010

How 'bout a little BLING?

So I've heard from a few people over the years about how they like the concept of PortaPocket but think it may not be fancy enough. I had a little bit of trouble understanding why the fashion of this really mattered seeing it's mostly under the clothes, but okay...I guess it's really true that perception IS reality so why fight it?
Get ready for the BLING!!

We're working on some do-it-yourself sparkly kits that will be an option for people to "fancy up" their PortaPocket as they wish. That way us plain but practical girls can keep ours naked like we like, and the fashionistas can add the razzle dazzle decor.

What colors and patterns would YOU like to see for PortaPocket Bling?
We'd love to hear your ideas!


  1. great thought Lauri! I have to agree...esp with my little 5 yr old Princess here... ;-)

  2. Crowns, hearts, skull & cross bones,
    cute faces, etc.

    Not sure what sort of bling you'll be using but we have some cute ones out here which are basically just the jewel with a sticky back. They usually have a few cute designs. Could be an idea to look for inspiration.

  3. I say "No to Bling" but then I'm old...Ha...

    I would like colours.

    Kendra - I hear you that it is under your clothes and the whole idea is to have things hidden. But perhaps we need to look at our PortaPocket as we do lingerie (or as we should call it in Australia - DownUnderWear - quick, someone register that domain!).

    Most days I go for the skin coloured or black basic cotton briefs. Sometimes I got for the bit of lace number. I do like to have that option. (Apologies for a little too much information there gals).

    So, rather than stick on fake jewels...How about having 3 or 4 other colours....And so when you are wearing your PortaPocket in a place that it can be seen (like the gym, or bike riding, or going for a walk with it latched onto your arm), how about some hot pink or summer colours/prints?

    Anyone with me on the colour range?

  4. PortaPocket said...
    Hey Bambi - SO agree with you 100% on colors & patterns, etc. The thing is every new color or pattern we want to add into the assortment ends up being a huge investment as there are min # of pcs on the manufacturing end, dye lot costs, etc etc and by the time we're done it's a huge up front cost. We'd like to get there someday, but for now we have to work with what we have and walk before we run :) DO hope it'll be sooner than later, but we have to be realistic... It's likely based to a degree on when this world economy can get back on track...