Thursday, January 15, 2009

so you think your locker is LOCKED?

Lately I've been going to my gym and wearing my L pocket on my arm for my phone, and my Essentials kit for my id/$$/business cards/credit card just above my calf under my gym pants. Have had a lot of great conversations with other gym-goers about how they can use these for peace of mind and convenience.
Frequently I tell them my story about how after I joined Bally's in 1987, I walked into the locker room one day after my workout and a woman was standing in front of my locker, "supervising" one of Bally's maintenance people wielding these huge industrial clippers -- cutting my lock off! This woman claimed that she got “help” because she had forgotten her combination and was sure that her stuff's was in there. Um, noooooo...
Well of course they finished breaking in... and there were my things, just I had been telling them. Hmmm.... just when you thought your locker was secure…
Good thing I went in there when I did!

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