Monday, March 16, 2009

Snuggie Pub Crawl, anyone?

So I spoke with Jeff last week, the emcee at the upcoming April 18th shindig. SO far it looks promising for the organizers to have me (et al) to set up a little area in one of the host bars to offer our little goodies to the collective. After all, where do people put their important items when the Snuggies have no pockets? Some guy in NY was complaining to the media of that little vignette, hence my call on the folks to begin with...
We'll see...!
Regardless, I think I might go out and make a banner anyway --"What's under your clothes?" and T-shirts to match so we can rustle up a little intrigue.
And intrigue is always good, isn't it? ;)
Even if things don't work for this event somehow, we can try for another Saturday night at a good dance bar...after all, it's the same environment with the same needs of the audience. And of course bars tend to make people drunk & happy...or at least drunk if not happy. Or maybe neither. Oh, what the hell do I know...I don't go to bars. I get drunk on a sip of wine. Cheap date.

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