Tuesday, August 11, 2009

twitter rocks as PortaPocket invades Australia!

OK..."invades" might be a strong word....but man, have I been LAX (...and I don't mean the airport in CA...)! hmph. been a long time since I wrote in here, so sorry. Bad girl. Too much tweeting. But that's really a GOOD thing! I've met some terrific and fun people from all over the globe ...chatting away. Just sent off my 1st package to Australia to my new friend @ferrous....love her. I feel so multi-continental now! :)
Amazing how many people are tweeting about problem situations they're having...
just do a search for "lost wallet" "lost keys" "no pockets" "put in bra" etc. etc. and see what you get! I daresay there's dozens of disgruntled tweets a day and that's just those who are talking about it...I'm sure there are many others with the same issues that don't bother... So there you have it... It's not just me who's basically saying there's a HUGE need for a way for people to solve these kinds of problems...and I plan to be right there with my PortaPocket cases to help people do just that. :)


  1. *ferrous waves hello!*

    I can hardly wait for them to arrive! I've made it my personal goal (as soon as it begins to warm up enough; it's winter here in Oz) to wear skirts/dresses as often as humanly possible so I can wear my PortaPockets. *grin*

    Well, one is feeding the other, really. I love cute skirts and dresses but have never worn them very often because of the lack of pockets. So now I'm excited about wearing skirts, etc, and excited about wearing my PortaPockets. Yay! :-D

  2. woot! you go girl! we'll take over all your Aussie friends before too long & colonize...what say you? ;-)
    and don't forget, you can still wear 'em under your pants and workout clothes... either on ankle or calf, depending how much flare you have with your pantleg. Or on waist or arm, too. Have fun with it! Can't wait to see some pix of you & your PortaPocket carrying cases "in action!"

  3. Oh, I'll be taking pics, for sure! And yep, I'm looking forward to using them under my jeans, as well. I've been getting a bit annoyed at how loading up my back jeans pockets has been stretching them out a bit. Not to mention that a full back pockets ruins the look of a pair of jeans that make my arse look great. LOL! :-P