Thursday, July 14, 2011

Kate channels Marilyn (Monroe) moment...

Happy July! Where does the time GO??
Hope you are having a great summer...maybe some travel...maybe some fun. And maybe you noticed the media coverage of Prince William & Duchess Catherine's visit to North America. And the teensy incident of the helicopter blowing up Miss Kate's yellow frock. Whoops! If you're human you know that even a princess has things she'd like to keep discreet. least discreet most of the time...


  1. Whoa... I'd say... by the looks of this (ahem) photo... the Duchess is one SMART lady! Thanks to PortaPocket, she's footloose and hands free :).

  2. yes, Jen! even Princesses get to enjoy those lovely time of the month fun-to-be-female things, right?? and Wills can't really carry THOSE for her...all the way to the royal commode... ;-)