Thursday, September 22, 2011

it's not IF it will's WHEN

Got a letter from a gal the other day... on our website.
she said she wanted to explain herself (...not that she needed to!) but she said she had been ordering our products over and over again in the last few months so wanted to share why...
Of course I'd noticed her and appreciated it, but glad she felt like sharing...
she said the reason she kept ordering is that she liked PortaPocket so much she kept coming back to get more pieces to add to her collection. And if she'd known how much she was going to like it at the start, she would've just ordered everything at once.
But she also shared how she found out about us in the first place...

She and her husband and friends were robbed.
At gunpoint.

She said the guy took everything -- credit cards, keys, phones, etc.
It was horrifying and scary but was so glad she was ok...
But, given that that point she vowed to never ever ever carry ANYthing of value in her purse ever again. So she went looking for an answer on-line. Didn't find what she wanted at Magellan's. Didn't find what she wanted at TravelSmith. Kept looking...looking...looking....and found US!
I was grateful for her kind words, and glad to be of service.
But it just goes to show....this world is a difficult place right now.
And these kinds of things are bound to keep happening.
Please don't let this kind of thing happen before you think of ways to protect yourself.
After's not a matter of IF....
it's WHEN.

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