Wednesday, March 30, 2011

hello, ARNOLD! (er... Andy?)

Earlier this month I had the interesting experience to exhibit at the ARNOLD Sports Expo in Columbus, OH...
VERY interesting.

I'd heard the show had morphed from just attracting muscle-bound men to include almost anyone who participates in a fitness activity of any kind, and I have to agree. Among the 150,000+ throng were little girl cheerleaders, fitness models, martial arts people, funky people in weird costumes, he/shes, and the traditional body builders, among others. Quite the creative bunch!

We had lots of nice comments and sales -- was even called "genius" (yeah, whatever...just throw some $$ at me already...) ;-) Arnold (yes, THAT Arnold) was even over at a nearby booth and I was hoping to get him to stop by and sign the letter from his wife that I brought with me (...hey, Arnold! do you know Maria?), but no such luck. He was mobbed and I barely saw anything but the top of his head. oh well...

On the way home, I had the pleasure of meeting Andy Haman, one of the more well-known ARNOLD participants who sat near me on the plane coming home. And of course I had to see if PortaPocket worked on his arm (no problem) -- he was kind enough to oblige :) Anyway... he & his family are working with a MAJOR cable channel right now on a show about the strongest family in America (or something along those lines)...nice folks... I hope it works out for them!

You just never know who you'll run into next...
Who have you happened across in your day-to-day life?

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